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Post by nats » Tue Mar 16, 2021 7:25 am

Hi Everyone

It has been over two weeks since the last email was sent our regarding starting back up.. The NSRA do not seem to be offering any further advice than what they have previously quoted. And as we draw closer to the start of the normal competition calendar we need to make some decisions.

A few regions have replied back to the previous email and the seems to be a trend of what we all think is the best way to go around getting back into competition.

Therefore the suggested plan is as such

1 postpone the inters weekend and cancel all of the GP series

2 Clubs and regions to re open along with government guidance to just host local club competition to get back into the swing of things

3 BFTA to hold some 2 days events later in the year if government road plan is successful

Suggested Dates Competitions and venues

03/07/2021 BFTA Meeting (to formalize previous email meeting bring new items to the table and arrange the AGM)

17 – 18 /07/2021 British championship / Inters weekend Emley

4 – 5 /09/2021 Masters / Showdown weekend - Blackbrook

18 – 19 /09/2021 BFTA Euros – Weston Park (Course crew needed for this event to happen individual volunteers needed)

Nefta Will also be holding the NEFTA classic 14-15 /08/2021 – Emley

The above suggested plan will allow for the government roadmap and allow for clubs to concentrate on getting things back up and running again. Avoid travel and social distancing measure until after all restrictions are lifted after hopefully June.. a selection of 2 day events allowing for value for money shooting with hotels and car sharing been available. Again we may have to change and adapt depending on the government roadmap rollout.

If all regions can cascade and discuss with their clubs and come back in about a weeks time to ensure everyone is happy with this and we will put it into action.

Many Thanks

Dave Robinson

Trev Ryan

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Re: 2021???

Post by nats » Tue Mar 23, 2021 8:20 pm

Hi Everyone

Thanks for all the feedback

So by no surprise the official gp series is cancelled however I understand what people are saying and if possible we may be able to run some other shoots after reviewing the Covid situation however the calendar is already very full with regions own shoots and this has caused a bit of grief allocating the BFTA shoots that we have now set in the calendar as going ahead obviously subject to any alteration in the government road map. But we will see what dates are available and see if there’s anything that can be squeezed in but perhaps if there are a few events call them something different to GP’s

Therefore the dates that are confirmed are

Saturday 03/07/2021 BFTA Meeting (arrangements venue etc to be confirmed)

Saturday 10/07/2021 BFTA British Championships Emley Moor
Sunday 11/07/2021 BFTA Inter Regionals

Saturday 04/09/2021 BFTA Masters Blackbrook
Sunday 05/09/20251 BFTA Showdown Blackbrook

Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 Sep 2021 BFTA euros Weston Park We now have willing volunteers from both Wafta and FFTA to build and run the courses (Many thanks guys if you can all get together and co ordinate your efforts)

Additionally there are some regional shoots that are open to all these include to my knowledge

18th July 2021 East Devon Max 80

14th and 15th of August NEFTA Classic Emley moor

Plus several summer league style shoots from MFTA, WAFTA, SWEFTA, NEFTA plus I’m sure other regions will have things in the pipeline.

The next steps I will take will be :

To book and confirm the meeting.

I will contact Shaun shore to discuss the new format that he will be running the showdown to and bounce ideas around for the qualification which would normally be GP’s but obviously this year will be an exception.

I will Contact Martin and ask him to update the website along with opening up booking in for the relevant competitions.

Again we will have to include these decisions in the next meeting and ratify them.

Again I noticed some eager people booked arrangements such as hotels etc off the back of the email with the “suggested” dates. If you can remind everyone when booking hotels to ensure they have cancellation policies in place as the dates are all subject to the governments ending of lockdown roadmap.

More information to follow

Many Thanks

Dave R
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Re: 2021???

Post by GrahamJ » Thu Mar 25, 2021 11:01 am

Did SEFTA provide any feedback? if so what was it based on, who was consulted?

Simon H
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Re: 2021???

Post by Simon H » Thu Mar 25, 2021 2:48 pm

I believe Jason sent this out to all member clubs for comment a few weeks ago. Iceni discussed this within our Whatsap group but I'm not aware of what the Sefta formal response was.

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Re: 2021???

Post by JasonC » Sun Apr 25, 2021 4:33 pm

Hi everyone
Apologies for the delayed response not been on the site for some time.
Simon was correct that it was sent out to all club reps however we didn’t receive any feedback from no clubs within the region.

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