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Bfta grading news

Post by nats » Thu May 28, 2020 1:00 pm

Received a short time ago from Martyn. Some of you may have seen this on Facebook.
Dear All,

It is with regret that I am having to step down with fairly immediate effect from the role of Bfta Grading and Membership officer.

Unfortunately on 20th May I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Kidney cancer.

That’s the bad news, the good news is I am stepping down as grading officer!

As you can see, my humour is fine and I’m actually ok, but of course I have a bit of a fight on my hands in the coming months and what little spare time and energy I will have I am fairly sure will get me no further than Oaktree FTC with regards to Ft.

It’s a good time to step down anyway as nothing is happening of course, so whoever is Daft enough to take on the role will have some time to look at the figures etc and decide what formats / changes they wish to introduce and use.

I wish them well and if I can be of use, I of course will answer any questions I can.

I am proud that (at least “I” know) I have made the system better than when I took it over I think 6 or 7 years ago?. No its not perfect and probably never will be but we are getting there.

I will send the current full rolling 16 to Hon secretary and I have to sort a couple of cheques etc out with Andy, that I will deal with separately asap

Best wishes and stay safe and all being well I’ll see you on a firing line in 2021

Hope that Helps


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Re: Bfta grading news

Post by nats » Sun Jun 21, 2020 4:10 pm

More news...received from Martyn.

HI everyone I trust everyone is well

Just a couple of things to cover over.

Firstly apologies from myself I’ve had a bit of a bad cold last week and also with my Mother who is getting weaker by the day balancing work etc. I’ve not been able to sit down and send this email out. I know for some people this has caused some confusion and questions about recent happenings and thankyou to those who got in touch to clarify the situation before sounding off on social media or forums.

As many of you will already know Simon Evans has stepped down as grading officer due to his health first of all I contacted Simon as soon as he announced the news and sent on my best wishes and thanked him for all that he had done in the many years he has done this task.

He forwarded on the Excel spreadsheet to me which I looked at and I have to say is a little like enigma code. Simon has developed it in his own way and what worked for him and him alone and Simon did say he would help anyone with any questions who undertakes the role and to just email him.

Due to this I thought we need someone who is good with spreadsheet data and as enthusiastic about the grading system as Simon was. Philip Johansen was approached to fill the position for the time been as he originally applied for the position last November after he heard a rumour Simon was stepping down last year. I forwarded him the spreadsheet and gave him some time to analyse the data and let me know his decision about covering for Simon. He soon engrossed himself into the data and moved things along very swiftly and has already poured hours of time into it. Phil as every other committee member is fully aware that at the November AGM all officers stand down so at the moment is trying to formulate the data into an easier to use system that anyone can then use if someone else was to be elected. Phil is playing a vital role doing this task and its not one I would like to under take myself having looked at the data supplied. So If I can ask if Phil has any questions and you can help him answer questions and supply any data that may help him please do so as its for the BFTAs benefit and any one in the future who does the grading officers role benefit.

I would like to add that after Simon announced he was stepping down we were approached by only one other person who offered also to do this we advised it was only fair to give Phil first refusal as he applied for the role last year. So Everyone please welcome Phil and offer thanks to him for doing what he is doing. I’ve also asked Phil to supply recommendations as proposals for the November meeting to recommend how the grading system will work moving forward including getting it off of a private group on face book and onto the bfta website where it should be.

My thoughts are with Simon and his family although he is in good spirits the journey he is facing certainly isn’t a pleasant one and I think we could perhaps send him something through the post to thank him for all he has done.. NEFTA will be despatching him 2 Classic mugs and badges from this years classic along with a big bag of sweets. From the BFTA I was thinking we could purchase him either A remote control tank.. Or an airbrush / compressor set and paints to allow him to paint his tanks which he has mentioned he would like one. Any other thoughts or suggestions please let me know and the sort of budget we can allow for this possibly about £200+ ish if not out of the bfta budget then perhaps we could all chuck 10 or 20 quid in or anyone else you know would like to throw a bit in for Simon? Let me know and I can arrange it for him.

The Euros.

This has very much been on my mind as a constant worry for the last Two months and I think the time has come to make a firm decision on it.

Its really hard to predict where we will be with Covid 19 by September it could have all gone away and things could be back to normal. On the other hand social distancing shielding etc could still be a requirement and in which case I’m not sure how the game fair can even function itself. However as pre booking is a requirement for this event to allow passes and entries to be posted out to competitors we need to either open up entry or cancel the event.

Could I ask all regions to gather an indication of how many people would be likely to enter the euros or weather the euris should even go ahead with the following to consider

1 – Booking a hotel / Lodge do you feel comfortable doing this if you can find one that can accommodate also may be difficult eating at pubs and restaurants.

2 – Stats someone ultimately will be handling all the score cards. How comfortable are they in doing this.. I’ve asked Martin Calpin his views as he has happily done scores n stats for the last few years and he has answered its a no go for him. Your thoughts on this too please Sam

3 – There will be no refreshments or possible gatherings in the tent (heard a rumour there may not even be the tent there this year due to C19) so if it rains you will get wet with no way of avoiding it also stats and equipment to consider with this too.

4 – There maybe no burger vans to be able to purchase food or drink.

5 – Very much doubt any overseas visitors due to quarantine rules where they would have to isolate in the uk for 2 weeks prior to the euros.

6 – Course building team. Simon and the Oaktree crew had volunteered to do this however due to Simons health this is now withdrawn and we need someone to step up if it is to go ahead any volunteers?

7 – The practicality. there would be a requirement for a huge distance between lanes bearing in mind two shooters on a lane would have to be socially distanced also spacing to place equipment and possible queue for lanes means there could in my mind be a need for a six meter minimum gap between each lane. As you will already know there’s a limited space on that firing line. Tie in with that the plinking area required to accommodate social distancing

8 – Financial impact If there are few competitors showing interest the cost of running the shoot may not be viable when you consider the vast trophy range we now have. Although the trophies have been purchased they haven’t been dated so can roll over to next year.

9 – Are we risking members exposure with matters beyond our control (IE large crowds of people that may enter our area that we have no control over)

10 – Use of kneeling rolls, matts, pulling of strings stopwatches. Etc all need work arounds.

If everyone can get back to me with there thoughts on the subject let me know over the next few days and we can make a decision to cancel it and inform our countryside rocks. Personally I cannot see the logic in favour of it to go ahead.

Dave R (Sec)

Approved by Trev Ryan (Chair)

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